Launched in 2007, RAM (Radio Audience Measurement) measures the listenership of radio listeners, advertisers, radio station owners and media agencies. The RAM services enable the target audiences to plan their advertising and programming decisions thereby creating need based content. RAM services currently cater to 4 metros Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Following are the advantages of Radio Audience Measurement:

  • Only Free-to-air medium
  • Offers local flavor to communications
  • Sets the mood & attracts attention through the usage of voices and sounds
  • RJ's have a good rapport with their listeners - an announcement by them is an implied endorsement
  • One of the most effective mediums to reach out to mobile audiences
  • Builds reach & frequency at low cost

Radio is the only currency in India that is accepted through all the Radio Broadcasters and Media Agencies. It helps brands to keep a track of the competitor’s performance in turn helping them generate increased revenues through Media Planning and Advertising.

Analytics pillars of RAM:

  • Analytics pillars of RAM  Understand top listenership

    Top Listeners are the audience who listen to any radio station over and above an average Listener. One can find this out by the average time spent by the targeted listeners.

  • Analytics pillars of RAM  Profiling

    Profiling is nothing but skewedness of particular listener (TG) with respect to total listeners.

  • Analytics pillars of RAM  Daypart analysis

    Daypart is basically parts of the day’s minutes divided into multiple slots of threshold minutes. In RAM we offer a threshold of 15 mins wherein a full day can be divided into different dayparts. Daypart can also be created by taking different hours and days in a week. By creating and analyzing different dayparts one can find out which daypart generates more listenership thereby ensuring that the campaigns are run in those slots to attract maximum listeners.

  • Analytics pillars of RAM  Target mixture of the audience

    There are several combinations with which you can mix a Target Audience which is a combination of several age groups, gender etc.

  • Analytics pillars of RAM  Analyse cost-effectiveness of the radio as a medium

    Since radio is the only medium which is Free-to-air, it builds Reach & frequency at a lower cost as compared to other mediums such as TV, Print or Outdoor.

  • Analytics pillars of RAM  Campaign planning of actual reach v/s planned to reach

    Campaign Planning is done in 2 ways: Pre Campaign and Post Campaign. A planner takes Pre Period to analyse how reach was garnered during the course of past events. Campaigns can be planned basis different Pre Periods which help arrive at the final plan. Campaigns are executed only basis the final plans of the targeted reach. Once that is determined campaigns are then run to test if they can achieve their targets. This is how the actual reach can be achieved. Thereafter they compare Planned V/s Actual Reach to justify the campaign plan.

  • Analytics pillars of RAM  Provides station loyalty

    Loyalty in RAM is the target audience’s loyalty to a Radio station. It gives the loyalty for a particular Radio station in any specified daypart.

Services Offered:

  • ✔ Subscription to RAM data through Radio Advisor for any specific city or all 4 cities
  • ✔ Customised Analysis of RAM Data for any specific station or city
  • ✔ Customised Research for conducting RAM in any other Geography/Market in any specific period of time