TAM Sports

Sports is the continuous inspiration for brands to market themselves. In India, Sports has been in a perpetual state of evolution. With the latest being that cricket is no longer the mainstay, we are seeing a lot of other sports making a comeback, that too in various formats. So, what makes sports a great investment basket? It is its consumption through broadcast platforms like Television & Online/Digital Content.

However, marketers should look at weighing and evaluate the ROI offered not only by a multitude of brand placement platforms, but also offered by each sport, during its telecast. Moreover, there is always an underlying need to measure the effectiveness of a Brand’s association with a sports property.

Launched in 2009, TAM Sports empowers sponsors by deriving audience exposure via standard advertising (by way of placing advertising in sports), brand integration/product placement (by way of placing the product or the brand logo in the content), and media coverage/PR (by way of coverage gained owing to coverage of the event by media).

This specialized division is envisioned to boost investments, evaluate returns and cater to the ever-growing need for third-party assessment of sports & sponsorships associated with the same.

TAM Sports works alongside all stakeholders including Sponsors, Federations/Associations, Sports Bodies, Broadcasters and Rights owners, bringing finer nuances and examining the dynamics of sports marketing, investments and commercial rights management.

Analytics Pillars

Pre-evaluation of Sponsorship/Branded content/Vendor options for Sponsors/Advertisers

Comprehensive assessment of Sponsorship Activation for Sponsors/Advertisers

Content Infringement for Rights owner and Broadcasters

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