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Since the last decade, sports and sporting events in India has been in a perpetual state of evolution and experimentation. The appetite of sports viewers is being satisfied by the ever increasing number of dedicated sports channels and sporting content. There are approximately 25+ dedicated sports channels beaming content for sports lovers in India. Superior content and several options of broadcast platforms has helped fuel ad revenues and sports sponsorships into sports.

Sports sponsorship has seen a huge upward swing, with both global and local brands making room for these investments in their marketing budgets. In 2008 IPL created history by changing the game and sports sponsorship in India. It presented opportunity to a plethora of brands to gain brand saliency via sports activation. This lead by IPL has also given other sports like Kabaddi, Soccer, Badminton and now Volleyball, to experiment and explore newer formats of the game. The entire business of sports/sports management has enabled a massive boost to sports marketing agencies, broadcast platforms, research agencies and many more.

About Us

TAM Sports was launched in 2009, as an independent division of TAM Media Research, with a clear objective to Monitor, Measure and Manage Sponsorship, Content infringement and provide Consultancy in sports research.

TAM Sports works alongside all stakeholders including Sponsors, Federations/Associations, Sports Bodies, Broadcasters and Rights owners, bringing finer nuances and examining the dynamics of sports marketing, investments and commercial rights management.

Decades of media research and broadcast consultancy experience of TAM Media Research has augmented TAM Sports, to build local and global sports sponsorship measurement and effectiveness tools. This specialized division is envisioned to boost investments, evaluate returns via data monetization and cater to the ever-growing need for third-party assessment of sports & sponsorships associated with the same.

It empowers sponsors by analysing brand impact, deriving audience exposure via standard advertising, brand integration/product placement, media coverage/PR and drawing insights based on the return on objectives set.

TAM Sports provides comprehensive evaluation after the end of the event/season, to study, compare and benchmark future events for the Brand/Franchisee.

It offers content infringement and commercial rights audit for content usage as per the news broadcast guidelines.

It also consults and works with clients on pre/post vendor assessment to analyze sponsorship activation options and alternatives that syncs with the brand’s objective.


TAM Sports - Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation of Sponsorship Activation

Comprehensive Assessment & Evaluation of Sponsorship Activation

TAM Sports - Audit of Content Infringement for Rights owner and Broadcasters

Audit of Content Infringement for Rights owner and Broadcasters

TAM Sports- Pre and Post Vendor Assessment for Sponsorships

Pre and Post Vendor Assessment for Sponsorships