TAM EDGE looks after all the Marketing/Servicing/Support/Training requirements of Marketers & Media Agencies pan-India. It is a One-Stop shop for Marketers & Agencies for all TAM Services (AdEx, RAM, Creatives, Campaign Tracking, Competetive Reports, Branded Content Monitoring & Evaluation, etc.)

Our Offerings

RMS Alerts 
An intelligence service to track new launches within a subscribed category. Enables a subscriber to keep a track of new advertisements, creatives & promotions launched on TV/Print. Alerts consisting of (Digitised Image of the ad, Digitised TV Commercial, Media Plan for the first ad) is sent via e-mail within 24 hours of its appearance on TV, within 48-72 Hours for Metro Publications and within 4-5 Days for Non-Metro Publications. It informs and lets a subscriber keep a tab on the pulse of the competitor’s advertising/promotion activity.

Core Advantages: 
  • ✔ Positioning strategies
  • ✔ Competitor’s promotional activities
  • ✔ Tracking both National and Regional level competition, etc.

Print E - Voucher
Print E–Voucher is a unique print certification service from the trusted house of TAM’s AdEx India which ensures the appearance of an advertisement in Press  AdEx monitored editions.

A published newspaper is scanned and tagged with the information like the Advertiser, Brand, Category, Publication, Edition, Cover Date, Width, Height, Volume, Color or B/W, Position and a spot id. This information along with the jpeg of the ad is provided to the publication/agency/advertiser which serves as a proof of publishing by a third party monitoring agency, TAM.

Creative Sourcing
  • A service which helps users source creatives (TV, Print, Digital) for reference/analysis, etc. Robust library of TV, Print, Digital creatives available. We maintain robust library of creatives with language & duration edits categorised by different sectors & product groups.  
  • TAM’s intelligence service will help you to source the creative within few hours basis the requirement.

Customised Reports
  • ✔ A report provided in customised format as per the client’s requirement to understand advertising patterns & practices adopted by competitors in the category & deliver holistic information on the category
  • ✔ The report helps to track the media activities. Understand advertising trends
  • ✔ Category tracking
  • ✔ Positioning strategies and spending patterns
  • ✔ Helps to identify activities promoted by the competitor
  • ✔ Understand competition and the nuances in the category
  • ✔ Identify new launches in the category
  • ✔ Medium wise spending patterns
  • ✔ Analysis of different mediums to look after trends

Ad Venture
Every time you wanted to strategize for your Ad Campaign, you would have been rattled with questions like these but seldom found scientific answers – Which Competitor advertised on what brand, What were the Spends like, Which Market was the Ad Campaign for, What was the time schedule, Was it a Brand or Sales Promotion, What was the Creative, and so on. More importantly, Why can’t I get this Ad Intelligence in real time?
Ad Venture offers media schedules of brands with Creatives of Ad Campaigns be it on Print or on Television Channels. Ad Venture is a very user friendly software that provides the following information:
  • ✔ Media Schedule + Creatives viewed at a click of button
  • ✔ Covers multiple product categories
  • ✔ View of the entire Print or TV Campaign layouts (unique creatives)
  • ✔ Export Reports to Excel sheets
  • ✔ Multiple user advantage

  • ✔ Fastest and most holistic information base.
  • ✔ Competitive Analysis – Positioning strategies/captures message communication, Promotional activity of competitors
  • ✔ Helps in keeping track on media activities of competitors at National & Regional Level
  • ✔ Understand their strategy & spending pattern
  • ✔ Preference of publication/magazines
  • ✔ Positioning strategies/captures message communication
  • ✔ Promotional activity of competitors
  • ✔ The software provides media schedule and creative links in a user friendly format.
  • ✔ Currently, it’s being captured for both Television and Print
  • ✔ The creatives are available in JPEG and MPEG format uploaded on online portal.

In-Program Brand Placements
ROI from TV Commercial is causing huge anguish among marketers. Advertisers are finding out innovative ways to create incremental eyeballs for their brands – and not solely relying on ad break exposure. A number of reasons could be attributed to this:
  • ✔ Increasing brand clutter
  • ✔ Falling viewership during ad breaks
  • ✔ Spiraling media buying costs

One of the solutions could be, place the brand inside the content of the program. Hence the term - In-program brand placements.
AdEx India provides highly specialised tracking of In-program brand placements across TV channels. This concept of communication is majorly seen in General Entertainment, Hindi & Regional language channels, Sports Channels, etc.
AdEx offers information sets and services such as:
  • ✔ Product categories using In-program brand placements
  • ✔ Current scenario and future predictions on Brand placements
  • ✔ Insights into how to effectively place your brand in a program and its certification
  • ✔ Minute-by-minute recording of Events/Sports & telecasts/Programs
  • ✔ Monitoring replay bugs/Billboards/Logos of Sponsors on Player Shirts, Perimeter boards, etc
  • ✔ Fusing these with TV Viewership data to measure the impact of Brand Placements

Celebrity Ad Endorsement Monitor
  • ✔ Brands have been looking at ways of breaking commercial clutter and a very common way to break clutter has been through the use of Celebrity Endorsements
  • ✔ But the question being asked these days is “have these celebrities become a clutter themselves”

A few questions that Celebrity Track aims to answer:
  • ✔ Then does share of voice by brand endorsed by celebrity within its category hold true?
  • ✔ Or is BIG B fighting for space within all Big B Clutter that exists on television?
  • ✔ And obviously brand association needs to be studied for celebrity endorsements?
  • ✔ Are there celebrities which are brand association neutral?

For more details please write to: tamedge@tamindia.com