TAM Axis is a specialised division of TAM dedicated to new business acquisitions with sharp emphasis on client retention, management & designing client-centric insights.

It works alongside domestic and international genre of clients including Publication houses, Broadcasters (TV/DTH/MSO/Cable channels), Production houses, Financial Institutes providing consultancy, customized analysis/insights & creating product applications for clients.

The TAM Axis team comes from different academic backgrounds and diverse industry experiences which include statistics, business administration, advertising and marketing. This provides a rich and multifaceted approach to client management and augments TAM’s overall objective of data monetization.


1.Management Information System (MIS):

TAM AdEx is India's largest ad monitoring agency with experience in providing robust Data & Insights on Advertising Information Services to the key stakeholders in the media industry. Our capabilities include Ad and PR monitoring across 880+ Publications and 150+ cities.

TAM Axis works alongside Marketing, Sales, Research and MIS teams at Publication houses and provides Insights based on - Display (Commercial Ad space), Non Display (Tenders, Notices, Recruitment, Govt ads, etc) and MIS Projects (Coding Client region, verticals, etc and Aligning Print AdEx data to industry classification).

TAM MIS service follows a systematic and standardized approach to monitor, maintain and manage the advertising database for publications. For e.g. TAM integrates client booking data with Print AdEx data and defines Product Verticals, Client Regions, Hyper local ads, etc on a customized basis under MIS.

Apart from aiding deep insights, the service also helps maintain consistency in coding and data accuracy which in turn helps in homogeneous data collation in terms of nomenclature & coding norms.

2.Customized Tools & Insights:
* Sales Prospecting Tools:
  • ✔ TAM Axis provides a specialized Sales Prospecting tool that supports the Sales team at Broadcaster /Publication houses with ready to use information on the go.
  • ✔ It helps map Opportunities/Business lost to competitors, New Brand entrants, etc which is essential to the Sales/Marketing team on a daily/weekly basis and can be used by Broadcasters, Publications, Radio Stations, Production houses.
* Teleshopping Information Service:
  • ✔ TAM Axis customizes variables required for Teleshopping Channels that provides insights on the new products launched by the competitor, Products in high demand, stock details, products endorsed by Celebrities, etc.
  • ✔ This gives an edge to the Competition channel's strategy and in turn helps plan the Product range, Content and Stocks at the Channel's end.
3.Bollywood Xpress:

Bollywood Xpress helps users analyze and understand finer details of advertising / promotions through the means of Film Trailers and Music Albums aired during Commercial break and while the programs are being aired. These insights can be fused with box office data, cinema footfalls, etc. to understand ROI.

The TAM Axis team works with Production houses and helps them analyze the promo presence of Movies / Music Albums along with Film tie-ups. The insights are available in a dashboard format created for Movie production houses.

4.Music Monitor:
TAM Axis helps Music production houses to:
  • Analyze industry trends on the songs/ music albums aired on television which aids strategies to decide the genres of music albums/songs they should drive for their channel/clients.
  • Monitor infringement on songs played by different shows/movies.

Taking forward the Digital initiative of the Government of India, TAM has launched a Third party authentication service as 'proof of carriage' - in place of a hard copy couriered by the Publication/Agency.

This will reduce the current operational hazards of tracking, shipping, and additional paperwork at both the Publication house as well as Agency's end.

Please write on tamaxis@tamindia.com to explore partnership opportunities