TAM Axis is a specialised division of TAM Media Research, with a vision to - Provide customised analysis, insights & product development/applications to clients. At TAM Axis, we partner with Publication houses, TV, DTH, MSO/cable channels, and International agencies to create Insights and value from the AdEx (AIS) database.


AIS (Advertising Information System- AdEx):
AdEx information can be recast and applied in YOY analysis, Market trends, Business forecasts, Studying Category movements, etc., by TV/Radio Channels, Publication houses and Research Organisations.

Publication Monitoring:
TAM AdEx data is an essential base to plan media schedules for advertisers. TAM monitors around 800+ Publications to provide a wholesome, comparative market data to our valuable clients. However, there are certain issues that are not monitored by TAM. To monetise ad space, it becomes essential to remain visible to these media planners. Opting for this service will boost the business of the publication houses.

Channel Monitoring:
With Uninterrupted Recording & Monitoring of television channels, we provide key information like Programme & Commercial data for home as well as competition channels.

Sales Prospecting Tool:
The Sales Prospecting tool is created essentially for supporting the Sales team at Broadcaster/Publication’s end; it helps them with ready to use information on the go which saves time and effort of mining the past data. The USP for this service is that it helps Map Opportunities/Business Lost to competitors, New Brand entrants, etc., etc which is required on a daily/weekly basis to the Sales team.

News Content Track (NCT):
This service gauges News channel’s performance by tracking and analysing news content. To make the data richer, this content is grouped under various variables like Exclusive Stories, Anchors, Duration of each story, etc. The data is delivered via an Online Dashboard within 24 hours of the news telecast.

Bollywood Xpress:
The service from TAM helps users to analyse and understand finer details of advertising/promotions in the way of Film Trailers and Music Albums that are aired during Commercial breaks and in programs (In-Movie brand placements). Analyse the promo presence of Movies/Music Albums along with Film tie-ups. The data can also be shared on a customised basis, in a dashboard format (Currently via the MAP software).

Music Monitor:
This service helps to study and analyse the trends in the songs/music albums aired on the different music channels. The data can help production houses in deciding the kind of music albums/songs they should buy for their channel/clients.

Taking forward the Digital initiative of Government of India, TAM AdEx India has launched a Third party authentication service as ‘proof of carriage’ – in place of a hard copy couriered by the Publication/Agency. This will reduce the current operational hazards of tracking, shipping, and additional paperwork at both the Publication as well as Agency’s end.

Teleshopping Information Service:
Gain insights on competitor’s New Product launched, Products in high demand, stock details, products endorsed by Celebrities, etc.; that will provide an edge on Competition channel’s strategy. Plan your channel’s Product range and stocks.

Audit Reports:
'Third party’ proof of telecast and is key for billing purposes, ensures the Scheduling on TV goes as per the specifications.

Cine Plus: 
Cine Plus Service is envisaged to be an analytical tool to understand the exposure of Movie Promos on both Print and Television media. Cine Plus provides with an in-depth understanding of details of advertising/promotion by Film Trailors, Song Library and Music Albums, in a user-friendly Online dashboard. The dashboard is in development stage and the Beta version will be launched by Dec 2017.

Forecasting Tool:
The tool is based on historical AdEx data and is created to identify future prospects for the client. The tool will be an interactive Mobile App in future, to aid Sales and BD Teams across media houses to define revenue potential and prospects. The app will be helpful in Forecasting Advertising Revenues and Targeting Prospects based on robust forecasting models.

Please write on tamaxis@tamindia.com to explore partnership opportunities