S Group

Set up in 2002, S-Group is the strategic Analytical Arm of TAM Media Research. S-Group team’s expertise in Audience Analytics helps Marketers & Broadcasters in very efficient and neutral Advertising Planning and Broadcast Management.

S-Group leverages on vast historical data sets that include Viewership, Distribution, Advertising trends, On-Air promos on TV, Print, Radio, Content data and Public Relations data to arrive at in-depth analysis and pin-pointed takeaways.

For Content and Programming Industry, S-Group will question such as what content to acquire and what to discard from the library. The division also looks at providing marketing support by formulating plans for market prioritisation, i.e. which markets require On-Air push? versus the ones that require Off-Air push? Scheduling of Programs, Repeat Telecast Strategy, etc., to help organisations define their business growth objectively.

Catering to the demands of TV Channel evaluations, S-Group also provides solutions to comprehend the market status of a channel.

The Channel Health – Channel Appreciation Grid is an attempt to analyse and study the current market scenarios. These grids are constructs formed by TAM to assess the performance of various channels.

In the Sales Planning domain, S-Group uses effective tools to handle client queries. The group generates data that qualifies future investment decisions apart from evaluating categories that have been spending less or more on a particular company or its competition.Brand Analysis on new launches, heavy spenders, competition trends & regional advertising etc. is exhaustively provided to clients.

Providing continuous support to clients in procuring quantifiable solutions for any media-related query, S-Group is in sync with the latest media dynamics, thereby creating innovative solutions that deliver meaningful responses.

Request for a meeting with the team to understand more about the S-Group by mailing at sgroup@tamindia.com

Promo Venture

This service tracks the promotions of all the shows of your TV Channel and Competition. Data is reported at a promo theme level.

Key highlights of Promo Venture :

  • Theme Effectiveness
  • High Reaction Time
  • Competition Tracking
  • Access To Promo Creatives Of Competition

Story Line Track

Program Producers/Channels are showing growing interest to understand the impact of twists in storylines or the program flow of the program. Story Line Track keeps a track of a programme’s Story Line at a Minute-to-Minute & Plot-on-Plot level in order to help you track the Competition Story/Programming tweaks.

Key highlights of Story line Track :

  • Keeps a track on Story line
  • Minute-on-Minute tracking of serials
  • Details of various subplots of each episode captured with Start Time & End Time

Initial studies indicate that the key elements that have had impact on the Viewership pattern of a program can be categorised as:

  • The Screenplay
  • The Characters
  • The Sequences

Story Link Track aims to establish the relationship between Viewership & various nuances of storyline.