S Group

Set up in 2002, S-Group is the strategic analytical arm of TAM Media Research. It is an efficient and neutral Advertising Planning and Broadcast Management with expertise in Audience Analytics which largely helps Marketers & Broadcasters.

S-Group leverages on vast historical data sets that include Viewership, Distribution, Advertising trends, On-Air promos on TV, Print, Radio, Content data and Public Relations data to arrive at in-depth analysis and pin-pointed takeaways.

S-group offers the following services:

S-Group Consulting
  • ✔ Consultation for different aspects of broadcasting like scheduling, promo planning, market prioritization, distribution, break planning or planning the coverage of key events like budget/elections.(Monthly engagements or Ad hoc projects)

  • ✔ Understanding user Behavior using Set - Top box data from Return Path of Platform (DTH/MSO/OTT/Mobile) and help monetize value of audience to the platform/Content Broadcaster

  • ✔ Analyzing TV & Radio audience mix using STB data, Radio Listenship Data and derive audience insights for the industry players

TV AdEx - TV Advertising monitoring of all channels monitored by TAM

Print AdEx - Print Advertising monitoring of 800+ Newspapers and Magazines

Radio AdEx - Radio Advertising monitoring of 100+ radio FM stations

Digital AdEx - Digital Advertising monitoring across 2500 publishers

S-Group Update Report (Daily) - Daily consolidated Report highlighting the Brand Name, Category & AD Caption of all the Creative's on your channel as well as on competition

S-Group Update Report (Weekly) - WSI Report tracks advertisers/brands present on the competition along with their volumes, highlighting missed categories/advertisers/brands, New brands for the week, and top brands present on press

Promo Venture - Tracking the promotions of all the properties of your channel and competition (Along with promo clips)

Bollywood Celebrity tracking – Measuring exposure of Bollywood celebrities on TV as well as print (Monthly reports)

Graphic Overs – Monitoring of Graphic Overs, which are any form of onscreen commercials which occupy partial portion of the screen