RPD – Customised projects using Return Path Data to understand Audience Behaviour of Linear & Interactive Channels.

TAM Media Research has the experience to unravel this path of exploring the deeper understanding of viewing habits across DTH platforms. RPD (Return Path Data) is the audience television viewing data that comes from calibrated set-top boxes installed at the DTH subscribers’ homes. Data collated through RPD provides more granular data for the insights on audience behaviour. With experience in television viewership measurement, TAM has the required expertise to handle these projects successfully.
Advantages of Set Top Box RPD Route: 
The advantage of this route is to get a large sample at a low cost giving data for all channels viewed. The data generated is at an overall household level, but we can convert same to individual level with our past 16 years of television viewing data which provides a statistical algorithm for conversion. The return path data helps to enhance interactive and unique content, also and enables target advertising.

  • Demographic profile, Sample Design, Selection & Recruitment of Panel
  • Algorithm Alignment, Data Processing, Data Imputations/Capping with People Meter data and Delivery of Final Data
  • The weekly analysis of the output from S-Group.

Areas of usage of RPD Data:
  • Using Viewing data for Post Evaluations of Ad Campaigns on Linear Home Channels
  • Integrating Brand with Content on specialized Home Channels (Including Interactive Content)
  • Targeting Promo Campaigns for effective conversion to Content on Home Channels
  • Planning & Scheduling Special Events Content
  • Packaging Channels for Higher ARPU to specific Target Segments 

Process for creating STB RPD for users:
  • TAM recruits STB users as panelists wherein the STB Panelists tuning data will be captured.
  • STB tuning data will then be transferred to operator via return path (RPD).
  • The transferred data files then rreaches the TAM server for Data Processing.
  • The STB & past Peoplemeter data is then integrated for individual viewer profile and the Individual viewing data is made available for subscribers by TAM.


For Platform Owners:
  • Understanding of Audience Content consumption within subscribers
  • Enabling prioritizing & channel price packaging to subscribers
  • Positioning channels within genres by understanding migration behaviour of audiences
  • Leveraging data on EPG usage & Home Channel consumption for Advertising Sales
  • Platform-specific channels to gain from data for Ad Sales
  • Understanding consumption of Interactive channels

Value Add's to RPD Data:

  • A long-awaited query on whether we can marry Household Product Consumption data with TV viewing (Ad Exposure) data to better Brand’s present communication ROI.
  • We now have an answer to this by way of sourcing product consumption data from the same household by fusing top 15 FMCG Product Categories consumption data to the TV viewing data. Advertisers will now be able to check the effectiveness of their communications.
We have an in-house experienced team managing the RPD Projects. With years of experience in the areas of measurement science, data analytics, field & operational management, human resource, IT and administration, each of these team is headed by experienced people to ensure efficient deliveries on the project. Our teams are scalable to the needs of the projects.