CRISP - Consumer Reviews & Influencer Sentiments for Brand Performance, as the name indicates, is an evolution from Eikona's Brand Sentiment analysis on Digital Platforms. The product is about analysing Consumer Reviews and Sentiments on e-platforms. It provides a cloud-based business solution, essential for marketing, product management, business development, and customer service teams at Client's end.

The AI-enabled software analyzes millions of customer reviews, online opinions, and offline pieces of unstructured data to deliver experience-related insights and intelligence. From Clients perspective, they will be able to monitor and manage their own company's customer experiences with their Brands and to maintain a view of what customers are saying about Competition. To simplistically put, it captures the consumer reviews and opinions from multiple sources like e-commerce, websites, surveys, etc. and allow the client to derive meaningful, actionable insights.

The data is packaged in a robust, intelligence analytics tool to help Decode Consumer Sentiments in the Indian marketplace. The product is specially crafted for marketers to gauge and understand the actual consumer reviews/sentiments and augment the consumer-product connect. It answers the need of today - to understand the need and qualitative views of the product user and improvise customer satisfaction so as to further build Brand affinity and a loyal consumer.

Key highlights of the Product:
  • Multidimensional Interactive Dashboards
  • New Product Launch Analysis
  • Periodic Insights Report
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Report
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis
  • Ecommerce alerts

All the above are based on the consumer reviews and opinions from multiple sources like e-commerce, websites, surveys, etc.

The product can help Marketer's in following ways:
  • Understand the gaps in product promise vs. actual consumer sentiments
  • Reviews and plan communication accordingly
  • Product feedback via reviews to help in faster resolution