Who can service you?

Tejas Naik
Vice President
S-Group & Business Development

Tejas brings in a very in-depth experience spanning over 6 years across Media Analysis & Client Servicing. Starting as a team member to the S-Group. Tejas is now responsible for heading a dynamic team within the S-Group.
His major achievements have been the the sustained trust bestowed upon him from clients & management alike.

Tejas’ hobbies include:
Cricket & Soccer are his interests in Sports.

His Principle of Life:
If life allows, then do what you enjoy. If life doesn't allow, then start enjoying what you do.

Describe Indian Media & Marketing Industry in one line
Media industry is a beautiful example where Logic & Creativity go hand in hand. Hence, you need to balance both the worlds to compete.

What does TAM mean to you?
TAM for me is like a Vacation. You just want to go on & on with it.