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Vinita Shah heads the Marketing, Business Development & Analytics functions for TAM Axis and TAM Sports. Her 14 years journey at TAM Media Research spans across innovating and designing client-centric insights, new business acquisitions, models to generate revenues with a sharp focus on client retention and management. Prior to joining TAM, Vinita worked as a Client Lead at agencies such as McCann Erickson, Grey and Mindshare for clients from sectors such as FMCG, Retail, Banking, Airlines, etc. There, she focused on aiding Clients to build media strategies.

Vinita’s keen interest in the field of Media Research made her do a backward flip and join TAM Media Research in 2004. She joined TAM as an Associate Director – Marketing & Analytics.

Vinita’s hobbies include:
Traveling with a keen interest in wildlife, nature & indigenous people. She is also a professional Travel Blogger and an observer of Consumer Behaviour

Her Principle of Life:
Create your own path. When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, some build windmills...I follow the latter.

Vinita Shah
Senior Vice President
Corporate Communications, Analytics & Special Projects

Tejas Naik
Vice President
S-Group & Business Development

Tejas brings in a very in-depth experience spanning over 6 years across Media Analysis & Client Servicing. Starting as a team member to the S-Group. Tejas is now responsible for heading a dynamic team within the S-Group.
His major achievements have been the the sustained trust bestowed upon him from clients & management alike.

Tejas’ hobbies include:
Cricket & Soccer are his interests in Sports.

His Principle of Life:
If life allows, then do what you enjoy. If life doesn't allow, then start enjoying what you do.

Describe Indian Media & Marketing Industry in one line
Media industry is a beautiful example where Logic & Creativity go hand in hand. Hence, you need to balance both the worlds to compete.

What does TAM mean to you?
TAM for me is like a Vacation. You just want to go on & on with it.

Vishal started his career with HTA, Abacus unit as an Analysis Executive working on Millward Brown Account for APAC Markets followed by GfK NOP as an Engagement Manager with WNS-KS. Journey with TAM was an accident as the management then were looking for a specialized unit for adhering to ever evolving needs of Media Agencies. Started setting up the Team in 2008 and its current form is what TAM EDGE is.

Vishal is a people’s person. Meeting different people across Clients, Colleagues gives him a high.Resolving problems and troubleshooting issues are his USP.He thrives in team settings and his ability to effectively communicate with others is what drives him.

Vishal’s hobbies include:
Likes spending time with family, traveling to different destinations & enjoy gardening in spare time.

His Principle of Life:
Do Whatever Life Expects of You.

Describe Indian Media & Marketing Industry in one line

What does TAM mean to you?
#School #College #University #Student #Learning Hub #New Ideas #New Minds #Encouragement #Support #Hand Holding #Grooming

Vishal Gurjar
Vice President
Business Development