LV Krishnan

With the rising importance of ROO (Returns on Objectives) and ROI (Returns on Investments), leveraging the Science and Art of Data Monetisation is the only Armory to Fight a Brand’s Inflexion Points Round the Year! In fact, that kind of sums up My Team & TAM India’s mission into the future!

Over the last two decades, our Industries have become Data ‘Rich’. Data is constantly flowing from Internal units, External Syndicated Tracking studies, Customary Depth Research and more importantly, Interactions on Social Media. At TAM, over the last 20 years, we have been contributing data to the Industry by being part of some of the above Data Creation exercises in TV, Radio Audience Measurement, Ad Intelligence, Expenditure & Earned Media Tracking. Through our Client Advisory Group, S-Group, we continue to help build actionable Business Insights from the Datasets. As analytics gets deeper with help of Machine learning, the investments on Data is increasing disproportionately. Hence the need for looking at ROI on Data Investments.

And the best way to look at ROI on Data Investments is via the lens of Data Monetisation! It does not matter whether you are Marketer, Media or Platform Owner, Agency or a Content Generator. Data Monetisation remains paramount.

To launch and sustain a brand across Print, TV, Radio or the Digital mediums through Paid and Earned Media touchpoints, TAM will bring it's historic and inherent strength of data mining and insights generation capabilities using its units – AdEx & Eikona. The real synergies will further get enhanced when our S-Group’s abilities get amalgamated with the data that Clients have maintained at their end.

TAM India's mission is to work in partnership with Clients and enrich their Data to develop Monetizable products, thus adding value to Client’s bottom line. TAM has already started working with Platform owners like DTH Operator, Multi-System Operator (MSO), Digital Platform (OTT) in harnessing Audience data from devices like Set-Top boxes, Smart TVs & Mobile Apps for richer learning of Audience Consumption and influencing Micro/Geo-Targeted Advertising across primarily Videos & Interactive Games.

During the last two decades, we have set benchmarks and helped the Industry create a movement for targeting a growing mass of Indian consumers through India’s first Indian Television Audience Measurement & Analytics service! From here on, TAM is pioneering a new growth story by tailoring customized audiences within mass media platforms through the usage of Technology, Knowledge & Partnerships.