AdEx India, the AIS (Advertising Information System) division of TAM Media Research is the country’s central and neutral advertising monitoring and information POWERHOUSE. Set up in 1970 by ORG (Operations Research Group), AdEx primarily monitors a buffet of mediums such as Print, TV, Radio and the latest addition being Digital.

AdEx India’s AIS has a repository of over 20 years of advertising and data and covers an exhaustive 800+ product categories and breaks the reporting of data to 120+ different variables for analysis. AIS derives its strength from a truly GloCal setup.

AIS Subscribers:

AIS's subscribers include Advertisers, Media Agencies, and Digital Publishers, OTT platforms, TV Broadcasters, Print Groups, Radio Stations, Ad Sales units, Creative Agencies, Financial Analysts and others. AIS captures and analyses data across four key verticals – Ad Monitoring, Ad Creative, Ad Expenditure & Ad Analytics. AdEX India offers cutting-edge strategy tools which help in keeping an eye on advertising and media trends within the Industry.

AdEx Data from TV, Print, Radio, Digital can be used as a roadmap to achieve stronger campaigns & actionable insights. AdEx data especially plays a crucial role for marketers in planning their advertising campaigns. It also helps measure their performance thereby taking well informed decisions.

Our Offerings:
  • ✔ Insight into the complex advertising market for your brands
  • ✔ Advertising activity patterns from the media covering
    • Spends
    • Volumes
    • Frequency
    • Time periods
    • Markets
  • ✔ Advertising share of voice for competitors in your market's
  • ✔ Tracking Competitor brands including variants
  • ✔ Category Advertising trends

Services Offered

Rapid Competitive Ad Creative Monitoring Service (RCMS)

AdEx India offers Rapid Competitive Ad Creative Monitoring Service (RCMS) to its clients to enable clients to monitor competitive brand activity and advertising communication across television and press. AdEx with its vast coverage of television and press media is uniquely placed to provide competitive ad intelligence to its clients.

AdEx can help clients to:
  • Track competition on television and print all the time
  • Get your competitive Brand activity within 12 hours of a new ad launch (TV)
  • Print new ad alerts delivered within 96 hours for metros and 7 days for publication editions from all other locations.
AdEx Intelligence Reports (AIR)

Clients can subscribe to these customised reports covering insights from any of the above areas of interest. Reports are delivered to clients at quarterly, bi monthly and monthly frequency. Attractive subscription packages in terms of monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual are available.
Rapid Monitoring Service (RMS)

This service helps to keep track of new advertisements, creatives and promotions launched on Television (within 12 hours of it being launched) and Print (within 72 hours for metros).TV ad clips and Print ad images are delivered to clients via email/FTP/Cloud based links.
The smaller agencies & publishers can now take advantage of the AdEx services and get customised reports through our specialised service called SEMI. Click here to know more about SEMI.

AdEx Monitors

600+ TV Channels

900+ Publications

90+ Radio Stations

3000+ Publishers

Quick Facts:
  • Monitors 600+ TV Channels, 900+ Print Titles and 90+ Radio Stations (in association with RCS India).
  • Digital AdEx covers Videos & Banners across platforms - Mobile, Desktop, Laptops & Tablets for around 3000 Websites, Publishers, OTT platforms, In-Mobile Apps & Gaming arena.
  • TAM's Digital AdEx division is the only one in India that covers In app Advertisements.
  • Enables easy access of advertising data across all the 4 mediums in one go.