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Digital AdEx - To monitor 3000+ Digital Platforms

AdEx India, the AIS (Advertising Information System) division of TAM Media Research is the country’s central and neutral advertising monitoring and information POWERHOUSE.

AdEx India was set up in 1970 by ORG (Operations Research Group), to primarily monitor Print & Terrestrial TV mediums. Currently, AdEx India monitors 650+ TV Channels, 900+ Print Titles and 90+ Radio Stations (in association with RCS India). In 2018, Digital AdEx is getting integrated into TAM AdEx data with coverage of Video & Banners across platforms - Mobile, Desktop, Laptops & Tablets for over 1000+ publishers, OTT platforms, In-Mobile Apps & Gaming arena.

AdEx Monitors

AdEx India’s AIS covers advertising information over an exhaustive 800+ product categories and breaks the reporting of data to 120+ different variables for analysis. AIS derives its strength from a truly GloCal setup.

AIS’s subscribers include Advertisers, Media Agencies, Digital Publishers, OTT platforms, TV Broadcasters, Print Groups, Radio Stations, Ad Sales units, Creative Agencies, Financial Analysts and others. AIS captures and analyzes data across four key verticals – Ad Monitoring, Ad Creative, Ad Expenditure & Ad Analytics. AdEX India has on offer cutting-edge strategy tools which can help you keep an eye on advertising and media trends within the Industry.