“Celebrating 20 Years of Dedicated Industry Service”
TAM Media Research, is a 50:50 joint venture between two global media research organizations, Nielsen & Kantar Media Research. Set up in 1998, TAM has been the Central Media Intelligence Unit of Audience Behaviour & Brand Communication data in India for more than 2 decades. TAM’s Media Intelligence repository is of central use by media & brand marketing organizations and is based on data collected & analysed across both paid & earned media.

TAM's vision is to establish the Science of Data Monetization within the Indian Media and Marketing Industry

In its latest offering, TAM India focuses on Geo & Demo targeting audiences by harnessing data from platforms & devices like Set-Top boxes, Smart TVs & Mobile Apps for richer learning of audience behaviour.

TAM's Paid Media monitoring and analytical capabilities come from its division ADEX India, India’sNo.1 Ad Analysis Powerhouse. ADEX India monitors and analyses advertising, promotions and sponsorship initiatives of all advertisers across Digital, TV Channels, and Print & Radio platforms

On earned media side, EIKONA specializes in measuring a brand’s PR or earned media efforts across Social Media Channels, TV News Channels & Print Publications to aid brand marketing decisions.

TAM's expertise can be leveraged by Brand Marketers, Media Owners, Agencies, Content Houses, Government Desks and many others. TAM’s data analytics will help Clients leverage newer ways of harnessing data for achieving ROO (Returns on Objectives) and ROI (Returns on Investments). Partnership in Data Insights & Converting Insights to Value are the two pillars of TAM’s new journey!

Till March 2016, TAM executed its central responsibility of being the Industry appointed, central & neutral TV Audience Measurement service provider for the Indian Broadcasting and Advertising Industry.

What is TAM Media Research’s Mission for the Industry?
Switch ON Data Monetization! What this simply means is that, TAM will leverage its inherent Data & Analytics prowess and work towards helping Clients Monetize their own data. Brand Marketer, Media Owner, Agency, Content House, Government Desks, can leverage TAM Media Research team’s expertise into existing data sets (with TAM as well as with Clients) and suggest to create new ways of harnessing data for achieving ROO (Returns on Objectives) and ROI (Returns on Investments). Partnership in Data Insights & Converting Insights to Value will be the two pillars of TAM’s new journey!

MILESTONES: 1998-2018

TAM, during its 20 years long journey, gifted us with some amazing understanding of the changing and evolving Indian TV audiences. For example, had it not been for TAM’s measurement, we wouldn’t have known the following:

  • That news genre has grown and moved out of the 1% share mark, today it stands at around 10%.
  • The grand success and growth of Big B from big to small screen.
  • Without measurement, we would not have learned that IPL has become such a success.
  • Till a few years back, a series of Hindi General Entertainment Channels were launched. Without measurement, would we have known of them as one of the leading potential genres for advertisers?
  • It is only with the help of measurement that the industry got to understand how digitization made an impact on consumer/audience behaviour.
  • In the year 2000, the industry had less than 100 TV channels getting reported. Today, the number touches close to 800. Would the growth of these channels be possible without the presence of measurement?
  • All these years, the industry has seen a healthy (sometimes even double-digit) growth of TV advertising. Would this advertising investment have happened in the absence of measurement?
  • Would the industry have known how the women audience lapped up the 2003 and 2011 Cricket World Cup? It is only through measurement.
  • Without measurement, none of us would have realized the potential and growth of regional TV Channels
  • Measurement helped the industry understand the dynamics and difference in viewership between small and big towns.
  • Last but not the least, it was TAM that got recognition for the Indian Media & Research Industry by winning awards at Global Audience Research Forums like ESOMAR and WAM