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            The Total/Actual number of people in a defined target audience.


For Media Planners Attention
Media planning is all about being able to communicate efficiently and effectively with your potential consumers. Not only selection of media vehicle but content, timing, and placement of the ads can be aptly mapped to reach out to the potential Target Group, making them an invaluable part of any campaign. In view of that, TAM ratings become the backbone and one of the most vital variable for any media plan.

Conquering The Dilemma Of Mismatch Between Planned Vs Actual Deliveries Of Tv Media-Plan

Evaluate yourself
  • Number of individuals from the universe who are exposed to the medium or vehicle
  • Reach is normally expressed in Percent terms
Calculation of Reach
            Universe: 10 individuals.
            For a single episode of Chhoti Maa:
            if out of the above 10 people 6 saw atleast 1 minute of the programme             then,
            Reach:6 out of 10
            Therefore, reach = 60%

Variations of the reach concept
  • Gross Reach
  • Cumulative Reach
  • Net Reach
Gross Reach
  • Gross Reach = Summation of all audiences who have been exposed to the vehicle
  • Week 1 : 1000
  • Week 2 : 2000
  • Week 3 : 1500
  • Week 4 : 1200

    Hence, Gross Reach = ?
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PowerPoint Presentation
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