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TAM Media Research is a joint venture between Nielsen (India) Private Limited and Kantar Market Research. Appointed by the Joint Industry stakeholders of ISA (Indian Society of Advertisers), IBF (Indian Broadcast Foundation) and AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) in 1998, the raison d’etre for TAM (Television Audience Measurement) is to be the central Industry provider of Media and Consumer Insights to the various stakeholders of the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry - Advertisers & Marketers, Media Owners, Media Agencies and the Academia.

TAM runs the central, industry authorized, TV Viewership cell for the media industry. TAM India’s panel is among the top 5 in the world with the largest sample size comprising of 36000+ respondents/individuals across 225 cities and towns covered by 9650 peoplemeters in TV homes of Class I towns (all towns and cities with a population of 1 Lac+) and Semi Rural Towns (Less than 1 Lac population) from the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP, PHCHP, Rajasthan & UP.
TAM initiated a study in 2006 that for the first time focused on the prospect of Digital Television in India. The study was presented to the Industry in April 2006. Post that, since 2007, TAM has been reporting TV Viewership data for Terrestrial TV Homes, Cable & Satellite TV Homes and the Digital TV Homes. For this, TAM proactively introduced the internationally acclaimed, highly advanced, platform neutral digital TVM5 peoplemeter.

TAM has won accolades at various International Research and Communications seminars, some of the recent being ESOMAR – Asia Pacific Conference in Shanghai & WAM Conference in Geneva in 2004. In March 2005, TAM India again hoisted the Indian Flag when it won accolades for another research paper presented at the ESOMAR Conference in Tokyo, Japan. This was followed with the Best Paper award at the WAM 2005 conference in Montreal in June.
Besides measuring TV Viewership, since the year 2000, TAM has been monitoring Advertising Expenditure of various Advertisers, Brands and Product Categories across Television Channels, Print & Radio through its division AdEx India. This division offers three verticals of services:

  • Advertising Expenditure Analysis
  • Advertising Monitoring of Competition
  • Conventional and Innovative Print Advertising Creative Archives

AdEx India offers Indian advertising analysis data across 15 different India Languages and monitors close to 700 various product categories.

TV AdEx focuses on TV advertising monitoring and analytics of TV Channels distributed through the platforms of Terrestrial, Cable & Satellite and Digital Technologies.

Print AdEx focuses on advertising trends of product categories and brands across more than 1000 newspapers and magazines from various corners of the country.

Radio AdEx, set up in collaboration with AirCheck USA, monitors radio advertising trends of 52 Radio Stations across 9 cities of India.

S-Group, a Specialist Strategy Group within TAM Media Research looks into Audience Analytics and Broadcast Management. With its vision to pioneer the science of broadcast management, TAM set up S-Group in 2002 to measure media content and viewership analysis.

S-Group works in a number of areas for broadcasters and develops analytic tools for better understanding of new TV consumption trends and concepts. S-Group helps broadcasters understand TV Viewing dynamics with respect to changes in Scheduling, Distribution, Content and Marketing & Promotional initiatives undertaken by the broadcaster. Through extensive data analysis and research, TAM has been able to promote TV program brands of various Broadcasters, increase viewership and target the selected market segment.

The last ten years of S-Group’s extensive research and data mining has helped Broadcasters better leverage the concepts of In-Programme Product Placements, TV Planning Optimisers, ROI, Connectivity and Distribution’s impact on TV Channels and Program Promotions.

In 2004, TAM Media research extended its presence in the domain of PR Measurement & Audits space for Corporate/Marketing Clients by setting up a separate division – Eikona PR Measurement. Eikona offers PR Measurement and Audit services for Brands and their PR Campaigns across TV News Channels, Newspapers & Magazines, Websites and the Social Media. It also offers advisories to Corporates and their PR and Communication strategy on a project basis.

In 2007, the joint venture introduced RAM (Radio Audio Measurement) service to track Radio Listenership for the Indian Radio Broadcast Industry. RAM services are currently basis continuous listenership studies from the four Indian Metros –

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Kolkata

Post consultation and go-ahead from Industry client users, RAM has already announced its plans of expanding its footprint to nine additional cities namely – Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Lucknow, Nagpur and  Pune.

RAM measures Listenership trends both In-Home and Out-of-Home - In Car, At Work, College, School etc. RAM offers a new level of insight into radio listening behavior with the most accurate and reliable ratings estimate available.
With the use of Diary Methodology (Proven Measurement System – World Over) RAM provides listenership data for all the broadcasters in the present market.

TAM Sports was launched in April 2009 with the purpose of providing monitoring, understanding and assessing returns from Sports Sponsorship. This specialized division empowers Sponsors/Advertisers to evaluate returns across all Sporting Events, in India and Internationally. This specialized division evaluates returns from standard commercial TV advertising, TV product placement, Media coverage/PR in Rupee/Dollar terms as well as Audience exposure in terms of TV Viewership of the particular sporting event.  

TAM Media Research’s objective is to fuel media insights that will drive the growth of the Indian Media Industry.

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