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TAM Sports Report - IPL Seasons

The TAM Sports IPL Season 5 Book provides a measure of Audience response, Onscreen and Instadia advertising along with similarities and parallels during both IPL IV and V Seasons. It is available in a simple and easy to read format. It also includes a Special Section on the exposure for each of the franchisees as well as the celebrities that were associated with IPL 2012 Season along with the Print In-Content Placement in photographs and images during IPL Season IV and V.

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ICC World Cups Myths and Realities
at The India Cricket Forum 2011
by Vinita Shah, Director (TAM Sports & Analytics)
The presentation focuses on the past ICC World Cups and the Audience Behavior during the World Cup 07 vs. 03. It touches upon the realities like:
  • India’s victory / presence beyond the league matches draws more audiences
  • Star Players affect the Viewership
  • Drop observed in Cricket Viewership if played outside the sub-continent
  • Kids Interest on Cricket is on a rise
  • Female viewers ditch the GEC’s for big ticket events on Cricket

'It also throws light on how Cricket has dominated the Year 2010.'

Write to us at : tamsports@tamindia.com

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Football Consumption by the Indian Television Audience at The India Football Forum 2010

-Vinita Shah, Director (TAM Sports & Analytics)
"The presentation aims at showcasing insights on the television audience consumption of football, audience behavior towards Domestic vs. International football and Advertising/ Promotion of Domestic football by Broadcasters"

Write to us at : tamsports@tamindia.com

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Measuring Up: Using RAM To Plan Your Advertising On Radio
Given the choice of FM station in each of the Metro markets available on Radio as a medium, can a research like RAM help in building effectiveness of the Ad campaign by bringing insights into the audience behaviour?
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TAM Media Launches TAM Sports
TAM Media Research, in yet another demonstration of PROACTIVE VALUE ADD, launches TAM Sports-the only one stop, integreted data and insight service on Sports for our Industry.
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LV Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research -TAM Sports will cater to answering all sponsorship, advertising, brand placements and public relation(PR) related queries that stakeholders-Advertiser, Broadcaster and Sports Association-may have on Sports and Marketing.
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Pradeep Hejmadi,Senior VP, TAM Media Research -Beyond cricket, TAM Sports data and insights will cover many domestic and international sporting propertise like Football, Hockey, F1, Rugby, Basketball, Boxing, Wrestling and even Special Events like Commonwealth Games, Olympics etc.

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Life in Digital Era...
    -L.V.Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research
Analog and Digital Worlds
    -Pradeep Hejmadi, Sr. VP, TAM Media Research
The Future is Digital
    -Sharan Sharma,VP - Measurement Science, TAM Media Research
India Peoplemeter Update - Focus on Digital  August 2008 
Watch the Blink 2008 video
Watch the Blink Presentation  
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CEO,TAM Media Research
Radio Audience Measurement (RAM), the radio listenership service of TAM Media Research rolls out its services in the city of Kolkata. RAM had earlier provided insights for Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru markets, after completing one year of industry service, it now extends its listenership services to Kolkata and will soon launch in Chennai and Hyderabad as well.
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Radio Industry Backgrounder
RAM India Methodology
Radio Measurement in India - Mark Neely
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Radio Adex Q1-2007
Radio Insights- NMR, June 07
What is the difference in TV Viewing patterns between Digital TV Homes and Analog Homes? TAM Media Research takes a look at the TV viewing trends between the Digital and Analog TV Homes from its specially designed TAM Elite Panel.This study was presented at the Nielsen Annual Client Conference held in Mumbai on May 22, 2008.
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Here are the results from the First TAM CAS-adoption study.
The key find seems to be that of the total potential 1.6 million C&S homes within Zone 1 area .
0.28 million homes have already subscribed and have a box.
(B) Another 0.2 million have placed aorder & are awaiting the STB to arrive. (C) Bombay has the highest level of adoption (accounting for more than 50% of the STB sold across the 3 metros) .
TAM plans to continue with this periodic study to see the rate of progress CAS is having in the market place.
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Overview Universe Update - 2014
Universe Update Week 36 - 2013
DAS Phase 2 - Universe Update
Overview Universe update - 2013 (LC1)
Overview Universe update - 2013
Overview Universe update - 2012

Overview Universe update - 2011
Overview Universe update - 2010

India Peoplemeter Update 2013

India Peoplemeter Update - VII
December 2009

India Peoplemeter Update - VI
December 2008

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India Peoplemeter Update - Focus on Digital  August 2008  

India Peoplemeter Update - January 2007

India Peoplemeter Update - January 2007 (PPT)

RAM Baseline Study Universe Update 2011

    AdEx India - Monitoring Media- TV, Radio,                           Newspapers & Magazines
    Eikona PR Measurement - Specialized Content                          and PR Measurement Evaluation Unit
    Radio AdEx- Pioneering Radio Ad Monitoring and                           Analysis in India
    S-Group - Specialist, Strategy group. Tool &                        Process  Development
   Team Panel Management - Team is responsible    for consistent, high quality delivery of ratings, week    on week.
The World Association of Opinion and Marketing
Research Professionals
The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce
and Industry    
Nielsen Annual Client Meet
  We bring you the latest TAM studies on the media landscape

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The Emerging Indian Television Landscape

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