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Print Innovation Monitor

It’s called PIM-Print Innovation Monitor. The Print Ad industry is very dynamic in nature. This dynamism even boils down to the different forms of Ad layouts that keep on changing – depending on the needs of the product category or the reader (target audience).

A specialized monthly service from AdEx India which updates you on the latest “Out-of-the-Box” ad shapes and designs used in Print Advertising across India.

In addition to the shapes and designs like Plus Shape, U-Shape, S-Shape & Circular/Oval-Shape which are very commonly used, below are some of the recent innovations as described below:

  • Advertisement with Product Sample: Along with the product sample, the publication features the advertisement of that very product for increased recall.
  • Die Cut: A bleed ad, cut to its shape back-to-back as a part of publication.
  • Die Cut Pop Up: A bleed ad, cut to its shape back-to-back and pasted within the publication.
  • Figured Outline: The specialty of this form of advertising is that it fuses with the editorial format of the publication.
  • Free Product Sample with Publication: A trial pack of the product is either pasted or provided along with each copy of the publication for use.


Creative Print Ad layouts have witnessed different shapes and sizes over the last few years. Interestingly, the level of importance assigned to this area can be gauged by the fact that the spends for this form of Advertising touched a figure of around Rs 73 crores for Jan-Sep 2004 alone. This was after a jump of 37% from the same period last year. Jan-Dec 2003 saw a total spend of around Rs. 79crores.

Both Advertisers & Adv Agencies are increasingly wanting to keep track of this trend. No wonder, AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research immediately sprung into action. AdEx India is lauching PIM CDs which will contain compilation of creative print ad layouts since January 2003. Be it Advertisers or Ad agencies, it will be a wonderful reference point and get to observe trends even for the remotest publication in any corner of the country.

This customized offering is yet another endeavor from AdEx India to help you take decisions better and faster.

For any feedback or if you would like to know more about this special offering, please let us know. Our specialists will be very happy to provide you with a personalized demonstration.


Visit us at:

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  1. How will this initiative be executed? Is there a monthly check or a weekly check?   
    We are right now offering it as one off Jan-Sep’04 collection. We will come out with the festival collection by Jan’05 too. 
  2. What does the CD that has been compiled so far contain?   
    It contains a compilation of all creative print ad images featured in every kind o f print publication from all across the country.
  3. What is the objective behind this initiative?   
    As mentioned earlier, idea behind this initiative is to keep a track of every out-of-world-ads (read INNOVATIVE) by spends, volumes, insertions & ofcourse the creative archiving itself.
  4. How does this initiative benefit the industry?   
    We are talking about a Rs 80 crores (as on Jan-Dec 2003) industry. Every single money that is spent on Innovative Print Ads has to be done with huge amount of study and planning. The PIM archive will go a long way and play an integral part in planning phase.
  5. How does this help AdEx?   
    AdEX India, a division of TAM Media Research, has been the ad monitoring and analysis powerhouse in India for the last 35 years. Our objective is to help and aid the industry or any particular client’s decision taking process through the simplest of value-additions possible. AdEx observed the print nnovative ads trend, it captured it for the benfit of the industry

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