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Plan Diffusion

Plan diffusion is a technique to percolate a media plan across audiences with varied viewing intensities. Today, a media planner builds and evaluates a media plan on a target audience. However, within that target audience there may be clusters with hybrid viewing behaviour. To test this hypothesis, TAM conducted a study and gathered empirical evidence to validate this hypothesis.

Hypothesis of the study
While all planning is based on demographics, even within a demographic there could be disparate viewing behaviours

Objective of the study
To analyze the viewing behaviour of audiences within the same target group on the basis of intensity of viewing.

Based on their intensity of viewing (time spent watching television), the samples were coded as 'Heavy, Medium and Light' viewers of television, using raw data and a special in-house software to adjust the weights of each cell.

Composition of top 300 programmes:
Heavy Viewer        12 genres
Medium Viewer      19 genres
Light Viewer           29 genres

Similar analysis on channels watched also reveals that the 'light' viewer is a flirtatious viewer and is the 'difficult' to catch viewer.


Impact on Brands:
Certain categories such as the ones listed below have significant category consumption from medium and light viewers of television.
  Product Category Consumption Index
Heavy Viewers Medium/Light
Loose Edible 55 45
Infant Milk Powder 60 40
Vanaspathi 61 39
Branded Salt 61 39
Packaged Ghee 62 38
Branded Spices 63 37
Pickels 65 35
Packaged Edible Oil 66 34
Source NRS 2002
The above table states that for every 100 units of loose edible oils, either light or medium viewers of television purchase 45 units. The response curves of the three clusters would appear exhibit the following:
Heavy Viewers Medium Viewers Light Viewers
This clearly illustrates over deliveries leading to wastage and high underdeliveries in the light-viewing segment. Hence the target market that comprises 45% of the category consumption in for certain categories has not been effectively subjected to the brand communication.

How can TAM partner you to solve this problem?
Based on the raw level data, as illustrated above, one can rework the entire media plan and divert the wasted monies from the over-delivered heavy viewers to those channel and day-parts that are frequented by the light viewing segment. Hence by a change in the channel and day-part mix, the communication can be much more effective for brand sales for the same budget.

Hardware & Software Requirements


Minimum Requirement

Maximum Requirement

Memory (RAM)

1 GB

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80 MB

90 MB


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7 GB

Work Space

3 GB

4 GB

Operating System

Windows 2000

Windows XP with SP2

MS Office

MS Office 2000

MS Office XP or 2003

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